About Us


At semANT, we aim to overcome the current limitations in search and exploration within libraries and archives catalogs. We’re dedicated to enhancing the user experience by introducing a semantic search that not only comprehends queries but also enables searching by text segments (such as paragraphs) while specifying the desired topic of interest.

But we’re not stopping there. Our platform goes the extra mile by offering intuitive visualizations that shed light on the frequency and connections of topics within documents. Users can track the evolution of topics over time, observe their changes, and explore their relationships with key entities such as places and individuals.

At semANT, we’re dedicated to simplifying the search process and improving the exploration of digitized documents, making it more intuitive and insightful for everyone.

Michal Hradiš — Project Leader
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Enhanced Search Capabilities

Our platform enriches search results by incorporating named entities like locations, names, sentiments, and prevalent topics related to the search criteria. Unlike conventional categorization methods, we dive deeper, identifying specific topics such as “Prague uprising,” “domestic violence,” “forced labor,” “racial hatred,” and more.

Engaging User Experience

Central to our platform is its ability to empower users to pose simple queries about their desired documents and engage in discussions with a chatbot. Leveraging retrieval augmented question answering techniques, users can receive comprehensive responses tailored to their inquiries.

Advanced Document Analysis

For users seeking deeper insights, we offer the capability to work with tags, allowing them to label and annotate specific segments of the document. Tags can either be system-defined or user-defined, facilitating continuous workflow management through saving, sharing, and exporting functionalities.

Visualizing Insights

Our platform enables users to visualize search results through interactive timelines, clusters, and frequency statistics, providing valuable insights into their data exploration journey.